Training Methods

Training you for advanced technology

Training is a significant tool for personal and organizational employee development. Knowledge Peak offers a variety of options to attend training. Whether an individual would like to attend a traditional public class, attend online, or attend with a group of coworkers, we offer an option. We can also customized training solutions to fit just about every need.

Knowledge Peak offers on-site training, instructor-led public classes, instructor led virtual classes, customized training, and mentored learning.

We Offer:

Onsite Training

Our instructor will come out to your location and deliver a requested course or we can deliver a course customized to your specific need. On-site training solutions are cost effective, convenient, and allow thorough customization of the material. Training can teach employees new skills, help implement a new internal process or software system or remind employees of important business policies.

  • Training everyone at once, or dividing training sessions into groups, cuts down on the amount of time needed to get everyone up to speed.
  • By having all of your employees attend the same training session, you’ll reduce the cost per student.
  • By training employees in a group setting, they can communicate with the trainer as well as their co-workers. Employees may learn more by hearing the questions asked by their co-workers than they would training on their own.
  • In group training, several employees learn the same information. Later, employees can turn to their co-workers for assistance, putting less strain on their supervisor.

Public Class - Instructor-led Training

Our certified instructors deliver a variety of courses for you to attend. All of our instructors are certified to teach in the area of expertise and have years of training experience to help guide you through the training. This is the traditional classroom environment with learners attending from a variety of different organizations.


  • Students may learn new ways of doing things by speaking with and hearing questions from counterparts from other organizations
  • Training is focused on a specific topic or skill set
  • Students can get away from the work place and can focus on the training
  • Training makes employees more committed to an organization as the employees are provided with growth, advancement and learning opportunities.
  • Training develops proficiency and skills to prepare students for complex and higher level tasks.

Virtual Training

Virtual Training allows students to remotely participate in a traditional instructor-led training course without actually having to be there. With virtual training, remote students will receive the same course materials, hands-on labs and instructor presentations. Learners can listen to and see the instructor, see the presentation, hear other students’ questions or ask their own and participate as if they were sitting in the classroom with the instructor.

  • Same as instructor led, but no travel costs

Customized Training

Our expert instructors work directly with you to review your training objectives and course goals. We can combine courses, add or delete topics, prioritize topics to cover, or craft a course as needed to meet your objective. Customizing a course can save valuable time and money by focusing on the skills needed versus attending a course or multiple courses when only portions of the courses are need. These can be delivered at your location or ours.

  • Training can be focused on skills to baseline staff knowledge
  • Training can be focused on new knowledge to support a new product or initiative
  • Can work around staff schedule or support needs
  • Can minimize time in class and maximize skills and knowledge required


Our experts works with you in a one on one environment. We can come to your location or you can come to ours. We work directly with a student to either cover materials from a course in reduced time or work with a student directly on actual work to help you learn “how” to do it yourself with an expert there to help you when needed. This can be billed on a per class, per day, or per hour basis.

  • Allows learning at your convenience
  • Can save on consulting needs and costs
  • Focused on the job learning
  • Learn at your own pace