3 Days


This hands-on course teaches the fundamentals of the Unix Operating System. The course lays the foundation for any future Unix development and leads into a wide selection of additional Unix classes. In this introductory course you will experience the core of the Unix commands to help build your own OS environment.


DThis course is a foundation for everyone who wants an understanding of the basics of Unix. Some end users will not require further instruction in Unix beyond this course, other end users (e.g. Unix system administrators and Unix programmers) can use this course as a strong foundation for future classes.


Novice Unix users who wish to become self-sufficient using Unix commands to perform tasks on their Unix workstations
Programmers, maintenance personnel, and novice system administrators who have previous experience with computers, but not necessarily with Unix


The student will be immediately productive within the Unix environment, and have a feeling of comfort and confidence in using Unix commands to operate on program and data files.
The student will be able to solve problems within the Unix framework, and will be self-sufficient in gaining further knowledge of Unix as it becomes necessary.

Topics Covered:

  • Logging in and practicing with the interface
  • Basic commands
  • The big picture
  • Data organization
  • Frequently-used commands
  • The user environment
  • File security and communication
  • File manipulation
  • Data manipulation
  • The VI text editor
  • Networking and file transfer utilities
  • Customizing your environment
  • Command interpretation: The Shell