Project Communication Management


Duration Two Days


Course Length: 2 Days

Course Description:

In today’s dynamically changing business environment projects are initiated under tighter budgetary, resource and time constraints more than ever before. This seminar focuses on the core project communications management skills, as presented in the PMBOK® Guide, 4th Edition, that are required to manage a project. The program will provide the attendees with proven “real life” tools and techniques, and put into context through various exercises and scenarios and case studies.

Course Audience:

This course is intended for both project team members and project managers wishing to gain a fluent working knowledge of commonly accepted best practices for planning and implementing project communications. Team members and managers looking to improve their communication skills and looking to improve their understanding of how on-going communications planning and implementation can foster project success should take this course. Students on a track to take the PMP examination should take this course.


To ensure your success, we recommend you have taken a foundation course in project management or have strong working knowledge or experience in project communication.

Delivery Method:

Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured minds-on and hands-on activities.


Students will learn how to use communications management techniques to plan, organize, control, document, and improve their project communications.

Performance-Based Objectives

  • Discuss the processes of Project Communications Management and a project manager’s role in it.
  • Discuss the Identify Stakeholder and Stakeholder Analysis processes.
  • List and discuss challenges to effective communication and how to deal with these challenges.
  • Discuss key elements of project management communications and reporting.
  • List and discuss elements of a Communications Management Plan.
  • Discuss techniques for distributing project information.
  • Learn how to Report Performance to track a project’s progress and report on any variances.
  • Discuss techniques for managing the expectations of project stakeholders.
  • Discuss project closure activities
  • Learn effective communication tools and techniques that can be applied to a project environment. 

Course Outline:

Module 1 Introduction

  • Session Overview
    Exercise – Project Communication Problems

Module 2 Communication Challenges

  • Project Communications Management
  • PMBOK® Guide Processes
    Exercise – T-Exercise
  • Communication Concerns
  • The Dimensions of Communication

Module 3 Identify Stakeholders

  • The Triple Constraint
  • Stakeholder Analysis
    Exercise – Identify Project Stakeholders
  • Identifying Stakeholder Impact and Interests
    Exercise –Stakeholders 2 x 2 Matrix
  • Stakeholder Management Strategy

Module 4 Planning Project Communications

  • Project Subsidiary Management Plans
  • Plan Communications
  • Communication Planning Factors
  • Communication Channels
  • Communication Media
  • Project Communication Requirements Analysis
  • Project Communications Management Plan Components
  • Communication Planning Table
    Exercise – Create a Communications Planning Matrix for a project
  • Performance Measurement Baselines
  • Calculating Variance

Module 5 Distribute Information

  • Information Distribution Tools and Techniques
  • Information Distribution Methods
    Exercise – Recommended/Not Recommended practices for communications tools
  • Lessons Learned
    Exercise – Determine variances

Module 6 Manage Stakeholder Expectations

  • Tools & Techniques
  • Management Skills
  • Business Writing
  • Issues Management
  • Issues Management Plans
  • Process Flow for Issues Management
  • Tools and Best Practices for Issues Management

Module 7 Report Performance

  • Earned Value
  • Calculating Earned Value
  • Using EVMS to Forecast
    Exercise – Earned Value Calculations
  • Types of Reports
  • Perform Integrated Change Control
    Exercise – Performance Reporting and Corrective Actions

Module 8 Project Closure

  • Closing Processes
  • Close Project or Phase process
  • Discussion – What happens at project closure?
    • Contract 
    • Closure Administrative 
    • Closure Archive
  • Project Records
  • Lessons Learned
  • Course Summary
  • Course Review

Appendix – Communication Tools and Techniques