Lean IT Intermediate


Duration Five Days


Lean IT Intermediate

Course Description:
Most IT organizations measure their productivity in terms of how busy people are. They find great difficulty increasing productivity or decreasing the cost of their service delivery. Cutting back costs seems more relevant than ever before. Fewer organizations dare to discuss how to make jobs for their employees more satisfying and relevant, how to learn more effectively and how to focus just on delivery of value for their customers. They understand that the key to sustainable transformation is to inspire people to continuously improve organizational performance, and deliver true value for customers.

Many IT organizations recognize the need to drive innovation and sustainable growth. We know there is too much waste and complexity in our processes that prevent us from being effective or productive. What IT organizations need is a fundamental understanding on how to identify these impediments and tackle them permanently.

Lean IT practices support our organizations in rapid and continuous cycles of feedback on our delivery, feeding improvement initiatives that help increase performance. They help us to deliver services, more innovatively, faster, and of higher quality instead of merely keeping the lights on of our existing portfolio. Lean thinking is well-established, but only just emerging in their extension from manufacturing and services to Information Technology.

Lean IT Intermediate Course And Learning Objectives:
The Lean IT Intermediate course addresses a complete and applicable set of Lean techniques and principles. Candidates will gain hands-on, in-depth insight on these techniques and principles. Based on a profound comprehension of Lean IT, candidates can apply their newly obtained insights and skills immediately to benefit their business environment and also their personal career. Students will be properly prepared to pass the Lean IT Intermediate exam for which they can obtain a Quint Certificate.

Course Approach:
Candidates will be trained in a series of five scheduled training days and one additional examination day (total of six days). After the session, the candidates will be able to apply Lean principles and techniques immediately in their own business environment.

During these five training days and in the morning of the examination day, candidates can bring their specific questions on how to best apply techniques forward and will receive guidance and coaching by our trainers.

The candidate will be trained up to the level of Intermediate in a professional setting:

  • Small group of candidates
  • One field-experienced trainer
  • Personal feedback
  • Inspiring and comfortable location
  • Career opportunity/certification

Course Student Material:
Students will receive the Intermediate classroom workbook containing all of the presentation materials (in English), case studies, exercises, and samples. Students will receive several books as well as an usb stick containing additional reading material, and the Analysis Framework (Excel 2010).

The Analysis Framework is a complete toolkit consists of over twenty advanced and highly applicable tools, which Lean IT Intermediate can use in their own work environment. Templates and examples are provided and the toolkit serves as the engine for productive interventions.

As the ultimate challenging reward and candidates’ final proof of excellence, passing the Lean IT Intermediate exam consists of 2 elements:

  • Theory: 2 hours theoretical part of the exam, multiple choice questions
  • Exercises: 2 hours practical part of the exam, based on a case study

There are no pre-requisites for this course 

Target Audience:
Any member of an IT organization.