ITIL ®4 Strategist – ITIL Direct, Plan and Improve


Duration Three Days


ITIL 4 Strategist – Direct, Plan and Improve

Duration: 3 days


ITIL 4 Strategist Direct Plan and Improve provides IT professionals and leaders with the ability to use ITIL in their overall IT strategy.  Creating an evolving IT organization with a strong and effective strategic direction. The module equips candidates with the skills to influence and inspire others to work in a desired way and create effective, high performing IT and digital teams. This module will be a key component of both ITIL 4 Managing Professional and ITIL 4 Strategic Leader.

ITIL Direct, Plan and Improve course provides guidance on aligning product and service management with today’s business requirements, driving successful organizational transformation, and embedding continual improvement into an organization’s culture at every level.

ITIL Direct, Plan and Improve is part of the ITIL 4 suite, the latest evolution of the most widely adopted guidance for IT and service management. It was written for those with a foundational knowledge of the ITIL 4 guidance who want to develop their understanding of essential principles and techniques.

When multiple people are involved in business activities, coordination and collaboration are crucial. Because organizations are usually hierarchical, direction is often provided from the top down. Unless the objectives and actions of groups at different levels of the organization are planned and aligned, their desired outcomes are unlikely to be achieved. Even if they are achieved, poor coordination often results in waste, including missteps, restarts, and rework.

Planning creates a shared understanding of how work will be organized and managed, allowing contributors to understand their roles, and to coordinate and collaborate efficiently and effectively.

Finally, improvement is a critical component of any successful organization. Identifying and acting upon improvement opportunities ensures that the organization will grow and remain successful and competitive over time.


You are required to have successfully attained your ITIL 4 Foundation certificate.

Who Should Attend

The guidance in this course is intended to be useful to anyone, no matter what their role is. To understand that this guidance is applicable in multiple contexts, it is important to understand the concept of ‘scope of control.’

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the Key Concepts of Direct, Plan & Improve
  • Understand the scope of what is to be directed and/or planned, and know how to use key principles and methods of direction and planning in that context
  • Understand the role of GRC and know how to integrate the principles and methods into the service value system
  • Understand and know how to use the key principles and methods of continual improvement for all types of improvements
  • Understand and know how to use the key principles and methods of Organizational Change Management to direction, planning and improvement
  • Understand and know how to use the key principles and methods of measurement and reporting in directing, planning and improvement
  • Understand and know how to direct, plan and improve value streams and practices

Class Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Strategy and direction
  • Assessment and planning
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Continual improvement
  • Communication and organizational change management
  • Developing an SVS
  • Bringing it together
  • Conclusion

Students will receive an ITIL® 4 Direct, Plan and Improve classroom workbook containing all of the presentation materials, course notes, case study, exam syllabi, and sample exams.

About the Course:

The maximum number of candidates per class is 8.

About the Exam:

The exam is included with the course.

The exam is a closed book exam that consists of 40 multiple multiple-choice questions with four
options (same format as an ITIL Foundation exam).

The pass rate is set at 70% (28 correct answers) and the available time is 90 minutes. Non-English speaking candidates receive an additional 25% of extra time (113 minutes).


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