ITIL ®4 Specialist – Drive Stakeholder Value


Duration Three Days


ITIL 4 Specialist – Drive Stakeholder Value

Duration: 3 days


ITIL® 4 Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value covers all forms of engagement and interaction between service providers and their customers, users, suppliers and partners.

The ITIL® 4 Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value module drives IT professionals to further interact with their stakeholders and influence and improve the user experience across a much wider framework. This unique module is designed to enhance the careers of digitally experienced candidates, by expanding their knowledge and boosting their existing skillsets in an increasingly digital service economy.

The module touches further upon the customer journey, allowing candidates to shape customer demand, manage relationships and optimize the customer experience. It will also enable candidates to increase stakeholder satisfaction by co-creating value and developing mutually agreed requirements, providing the necessary tools to foster an advantageous culture of collaboration and transparency.

This course aims to guide stakeholders, whether they are customers or service providers, through the principles and practices of co-creating value through services.

This course is for individuals and organizations engaged in service relationships, including product and service provision, consumption, and relationship management. These are the people and organizations that are either involved in organizing the customer journey or taking part in it.


You are required to have successfully attained your ITIL 4 Foundation certificate.

Who Should Attend

The target audience includes but is not limited to:

  • relationship managers
  • customer experience (CX) managers
  • account managers
  • service delivery managers
  • service desk managers
  • service level managers
  • enterprise architects
  • service and solution architects
  • business analysts
  • product owners and digital product managers
  • marketing managers
  • project managers
  • portfolio managers
  • supplier relationship managers
  • vendor managers
  • contract managers
  • customer experience/user experience (UX) designers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how customer journeys are designed
  • Know how to target markets and stakeholders
  • Know how to foster stakeholder relationships
  • Know how to shape demand and define service offerings
  • Know how to align expectations and agree details of services
  • Know how to onboard and offboard customers and users
  • Know how to act together to ensure continual value co-creation (service consumption / provisioning)
  • Know how to realize and validate service value

Class Agenda:

  • Introduction

  • The customer journey

  • Step 1: Explore

  • Step 2: Engage

  • Step 3: Offer

  • Step 4: Agree

  • Step 5: Onboard

  • Step 6: Co-create

  • Step 7: Realize

  • Conclusion

Course Student Material:

Students will receive an ITIL® 4 Drive Stakeholder Value classroom workbook containing all of the presentation materials, course notes, case study, exam syllabi, and sample exams.

About the Course:

The maximum number of candidates per class is 8.

About the Exam:

The exam is included with the course.

The exam is a closed book exam that consists of 40 multiple multiple-choice questions with four
options (same format as an ITIL Foundation exam).

The pass rate is set at 70% (28 correct answers) and the available time is 90 minutes. Non-English speaking candidates receive an additional 25% of extra time (113 minutes).


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