Organizing Change Management


Duration Two Days


Course Length:
2 days


Strategic projects and process improvements require that people change. Whether large or seemingly insignificant change is required, success is contingent upon people readily adopting the changes and performing to the best of their ability right out of the gate. And, inattentiveness to organizational change management is the #1 reason strategic projects fail.

This interactive 2-day workshop discusses:

  • Key concepts in Organizational Change Management
  • Organizational readiness and how to assess it
  • Tools and a practical, rapid methodology for transforming an organization at 3 levels: Individual, Team, and Organization
  • Critical success factors in the change process

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding your personal regard for change
  • The importance of sponsorship and how to be an effective sponsor
  • How to develop a project measure of success
  • How to confer the right level of authority for the level of accountability
  • Tools to assess the organizations readiness for change including a stakeholder analysis, impact analysis, surveys, and force field analysis
  • Strategies and practical tools for transforming the organization at three levels: Individual, Team, and Organization
  • How to customize both formal and informal communications for all stakeholders
  • How to establish an effective governance structure along with decision rights
  • How organizational design can hinder or facilitate organizational change
  • The importance of aligned reward and recognition systems
  • How to meaningfully involve employees in the process
  • How to identify and leverage thought leaders
  • The difference between education and training and the role each plays in the change process
  • How to develop an internal marketing campaign
  • How to build an internal change network

Intended Audience:

This course is intended for personnel responsible for project success, including process owners, sponsors, project managers, functional managers, leadership, and team members.


  • Some experience with strategic projects and programs.

Class Format/Course Materials:

This facilitated workshop will include considerable class discussion as well as group and team exercises utilizing a case study or a real life change initiative. Students will need to be prepared for a high level of participation; templates are included.