Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects (errors) and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes. It uses a set of quality management methods, including statistical methods, and creates a special infrastructure of people within the organization (“Champions”, “Black Belts”, “Green Belts”, “Yellow Belts”, etc.) who are experts in these methods. Knowledge Peak offers Six Sigma training to achieve the above certifications.

Knowledge Peak also offers training on the fundamentals of Lean and how to apply Lean in an I.T. domain. Lean I.T. is applied to transform your IT organization to a customer-focused, efficient and transparent IT organization that can deliver sustainable results to the business. Our Lean I.T. Foundation training covers all elements to introduce you to Lean I.T. After completion of the training, you will be able to participate effectively in a Lean I.T. transformation program.

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